Leverage new admin tools, bolster security, and enhance interoperability with XM Fax 9.0

Take advantage of configurable password policies, support for TLS 1.3, customizable fax properties, and more. Plus gain custom integration capabilities and leverage our various APIs to automate vital business workflows.

Why XM Fax?

XM Fax 9.0 builds upon the popular core features and benefits already in XM Fax, such as the ability to set zero retention policies on the fax server, support for virtual machines, the ability to fax directly from MFPs, and the ability to leverage rich administration tools to trace user faxing activities.

Features now available in XM Fax 9.0 include:

Security & Compliance

  • Configurable password policies

  • Encryption at rest for fax documents

  • Hardened TLS configurations & support for TLS 1.3

Interoperability & User Experience

  • IPv6 support

  • Web phone book & SendFAX integration

  • Access to XM Fax Mobile App v2

  • Fax preview in Web client

Administration Tools

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for administrators

  • Fax server delegation management

  • Custom fax properties for improved integrations

Why Upgrade to XM Fax 9.0?

XM Fax 9.0 delivers on key new security, interoperability, and administrative tools that system administrators and cybersecurity officers will love.

New administrative tooling, such as customizable fax properties and the ability to manage fax server delegations for other users, provide system administrators with greater control over the fax server and its capabilities.

Additionally, bolster your security posture with new features like:

  • Configurable password policies for all users
  • Single sign-on for system administrators
  • Hardened TLS configurations & support for TLS 1.3

The deployment and integration went smoothly. We migrated the servers to our data center, and then we expanded the solution as the MFPs were deployed. The sync between the MFPs and XM Fax is flawless.

—Mr. Lionel Schweitzer, Network and Telecom Engineer, Nancy University Hospital www.chru-nancy.fr


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On-demand Webinar: What are 9 New Things about XM Fax 9.0?

The usage rate of digital fax is constantly growing, making it essential to leverage a secure, highly interoperable fax over IP solution that can support your organization’s fax requirements. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how XM Fax 9.0 can meet these needs plus help automate vital workflows, meet compliance standards, support employees on the go, and more.

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