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On-Premises vs. Cloud UC: What are the Benefits? [Blog]

Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape. For many organizations, there is a question of whether to leverage the speed and accessibility of the Cloud or take advantage of the customization abilities of on-premises solutions. From an accounting perspective, the decision of on-premises versus cloud becomes even more complicated.
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Ease of Use is Essential for Data Security [Blog]  

A lot of cybersecurity solutions and journalism focus on the threat of the outside hacker or fraudster. While outside hackers are very serious threats that must be kept at bay, this sometimes leads to another problem going ignored: insider threats. The biggest insider threat isn’t willful attacks, its willful disregard for security guidelines and human error. 
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XM Fax & XM SendSecure more flexible than ever!

We released an update to our XM Fax and XM SendSecure cloud services. In this update, we have added two features frequently requested by customers:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) improvement: There are now more ways to implement Single Sign-On. SAML 2.0 can now be selected as protocol for SSO integration allowing the support of additional Identity Providers (Okta, F5, etc.).

  • Trusted domains for email faxing: Enterprise Administrators can now allow employees without an XMedius account to send faxes via email. All they need to do is to whitelist the domain name of the users’ email addresses (usually their corporate domain).

Time to Upgrade Your CX-E Customers

Are your customers prepared for these end of support deadlines? Now is the time to upgrade to XM Connect 9 SU2 (formerly CX-E).

Microsoft announced end of support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. This means no more regular security updates. If your CX-E customers are still running Windows Server 2008, it's time to plan their transition.

In addition, CX-E 8.6, CX-S, and CX-E 8.7 are all coming up on end of support by XMedius in 2020. Customers with a current XpressCare plan in place are entitled to a free software upgrade, but hardware upgrades might also be required. Contact us to learn more.   


Meet the Document Management Markets (DMM) Team
The friendly, knowledgeable experts on the DMM team are here to assist our MFP Resellers.

From left: Bill Griffin, Jean Pierre Filion, Will Larson, Andrew Dykeman, Phil Vera, Hugh Sanderson, Caroline Lord, Chris Salisbury, Sebastien Lalonde, Dan Ravetto, Tom Coombs.



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